"Kudos to Dr. Malone, DTRA, USAMRIID, PHAC, and Many Others
It is rare that I have the privilege to witness, on the ground floor, a major global public health event.  And even rarer to give public kudos to one of the silent heroes among a huge group of heroes who contributed to the process.  I am proud to present Dr. Robert Malone's heroic contribution to the Ebola fight:
RW Malone MD is proud to have played a key role in enabling the enormous success of developing an effective Ebola vaccine within 12 months. August 2014, colleagues at the Department of Defense/Defense Threat Reduction Agency asked us to step in and help NewLink manage the project and develop the contracts necessary to move the "orphan" PHAC/rVSV ZEBOV vaccine forward quickly. We got the project on track, recruited our client, Focus  Diagnostic Clinical Trials (FCT), to team with USAMRIID/WRAIR to develop and perform the immunoassays, put WHO leadership in touch with Pentagon leadership to expedite the initial WRAIR clinical trials, recruited the government of Norway to help fund the clinical research, used social media (LinkedIn) and then personal phone calls to recruit Merck Vaccines to join the project, recruited a management team, and lead the development of the BARDA and DTRA contracts - yielding over 200M$ in resources. Those were frightening times, but now we have a remarkably effective vaccine, developed in record time. The US Army Medical Corps, Medical Countermeasure Systems (MCS) and the DoD Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) took risks and got the job done, on time and on budget, with little fanfare, and we were grateful to have been able to serve and assist with this huge accomplishment.
While the above sounds like a promotion for Robert's consulting service, I am here to publicly say I watched him do this first-hand.  I want to also heartily acknowledge and congratulate DTRA, USAMRIID, and especially our colleagues in Canada's PHAC.  You all have done a terrific job here.  WELL DONE."

JIM WILSON, MD FAAP, Director at Ascel Bio World Infectious Disease Forecast Center



Frederick Vogel

Publication Manager, Scientific and Medical Publications, Chief Medical Office, Sanofi Pasteur

I worked with Robert when I was a Senior Scientist at the Division of AIDS, NIAID, NIH from 1992-1999. At that time I was in charge of administering grants and contracts concerning adjuvants and nucleic acid vaccines for HIV vaccines. Robert is a talented molecular immunologist and has significantly contributed to gene vaccine delivery and the adjuvanting of DNA vaccines. His work while at UC Davis included research in cationic lipid mediated gene delivery - still today the most effective method for DNA vaccine delivery, research on mucosal immune responses to DNA vaccination, and methodology for the removal of contaminating endotoxin from DNA preparations. Robert not only possesses a high level of scientific expertise and mastery of his chosen fields of study, but is also highly personable with excellent communications skills. I highly recommend Robert Malone without reservation

Daniel Becker, MD, PhD

Signal Management Lead at the European Medicines Agency

Robert was the Clinical Research Director of a cell-culture influenza vaccine program. His know-how, dedication, collaboration and communication skills are outstanding. I would welcome him back at any time.

David A. Roth, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

I have known Robert for many years as a collaborator on grants and contracts, as a science and business advisor, and as a colleague on the SAB at EpiVax, Inc. Robert is an easy person to work with, and has a wealth of working knowledge and experience in several key areas of biotechnology and pharma: immunology, molecular biology, vaccine product and clinical development, and IP expansion and management. On a personal level, Robert is an astute integrator of multiple and simultaneous inputs, an excellent trouble-shooter, and an enthusiastic physician-scientist who I respect and admire. He is a tireless worker with a stress-reducing sense of humor and a kind regard for people---truly a joy to work with.

Stephen Bell

CEO & Chairman at Proventus Bio, LLC

As Clinical Research Director, Robert demonstrated in depth understanding the clinical development process. In the course of devising clincial development plans, Robert proactively highlights critical path issues and proposed approaches to mitigate risk,. He is a self-starter and demostrates initiative as appropriate.

D. Andrew Stevenson, MBA

New Business Development / Portfolio and Strategic Planning

Dr. Malone is extremely knowledgeable in his areas of expertise, is results-driven, and has sharp strategic eye for program development. Working with him at Solvay, in response to changing circumstances with regard to clinical supply, he recast the clinical and regulatory development plan and budget in a rapid and highly detailed manner. This plan allowed for the company's first US MDCK studies to begin just two months after IND clearance. He is an expert in translating cutting-edge pre-clinical stage biologic technologies into advanced clinical development. Furthermore, Dr. Malone was especially helpful in our strategic planning for the clinical and regulatory aspects of its US government (DHHS/BARDA) procurement initiatives; he is quite capable of propagating new funds/awards from a core program. A strong team player and consistent contributor and director, Dr. Malone is able to proactively understand a programs requirements, drive his and his team's energies to meet the needs of the overall program, deliver highly competitive ideas and solutions, and communicate progress accordingly. 

Larry Vaughn

Principal, Able Search Partners, LLC

I first met Robert over a year ago and have worked with him intensely over the last six weeks. He is a vaccine expert, both influenza and non-influenza. With a compelling personality, well developed interpersonal skills and a flexible approach, Robert can work effectively and successfully in any cultural environment. 

Julie McMurry

Software Program Manager at Oregon Health and Sciences University

In addition to being highly intelligent and exceptionally dedicated, Dr. Malone is readily able to identify key collaborators, build consensus, and mobilize teams to produce quality work. Dr. Malone is also generous with this expertise and experience, helping to equip, mentor, and connect those he works with. I heartily recommend him.

Annie De Groot

CEO/CSO of EpiVax

In addition to being one of the highest caliber vaccine experts that I ahve worked with in recent memory, Robert is a creative problem-solver and has a work ethic that matches, or exceeds, that of the normal EpiVax employee. And that is a compliment. We've enjoyed working with him and look forward to a long business relationship.

Salome D Winker

Principal Medical Writer and Owner of WinksWriting LLC

Robert Malone and I were working together at Dynport Vaccine Company, where he served as the Clinical Development Associate Director for a portfolio of seven different vaccines against anthrax, smallpox, plague, etc. He was instrumental in planning and conducting a Phase 3 smallpox trial, optimizing vaccine production, and designing clinical development plans for various vaccines, including the writing of government proposals. 
Naturally, Robert Malone is a highly experienced and well-connected professional that is very nice to work with. He asks smart questions on data, context, and key messages and quickly familiarizes himself with new concepts in science and medicine.He makes good use of his experience when it comes to creating documents and customizing his writing to different audiences.

Stefanie Hone

Senior Scientist at DynPort Vaccine Company LLC, A CSC Company

Robert provided consulting services for Aeras and functioned as Director, Business Development and Program Management. During this time Aeras profited both from his extraordinarily background in vaccine development and high skills in writing grants. Furthermore I had the privilege to get to know Robert on a personal basis; he is one of the very rare people I know that are able to pursue an extraordinarily scientific career while being a very down-to-earth and realistic individual.

Peter Barry

Professor, UC Davis

“Robert was the primary leader of the effort in the Department of Pathology to develop effective strategies to deliver exogenous DNA to cells in vivo. Robert was a leader in the field, and his research made important contributions in advancing our understanding of optimizing delivery of foreign genes into mammalian cells in vivo.”